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Bill McGirk, CTF Owner/President
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Helpful Links to Cellular Investigations

Fone Finder.net - Enter the Area Code, Pre-fix and first of the last four digits, and with a degree of accuracy, Fone Finder tells you which Telco “owns” that number.

Antenna Search.com  - An online database (searchable) of cell phone towers and antennas.

Mobiledia A great tool to search for cell towers in your area. Plug in a zip code, or your city’s name and state, and their site will show you FCC registered towers in that area.

http://www.cellreception.com/towers/ - Another cell tower tool.

The FCC’s ASR Search Page –  The FCC requires many Antenna Structures to be registered. Search their database here.

LincMad Excellent clearinghouse for phone number data that spells out area codes, area code splits and overlays.

NANPA - How are phone numbers set up? Who decides what the area code will be? All of this is determined by the North American Numbering Plan Administration. A wealth of information is found on their site.

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